Magnus Anshelm



Magnus has been the CEO for MMS, which is the JIC for TV and online video in Sweden. Before that he was the managing director of a Scandinavian Institute for Advertising Research. He has about long experience as a research director at three different media agencies. In total, Magnus has been working more than 30 years in the media research business, but he keep on emphasizing that it is not at all the same business these days. He might not be a digital native, but he sure understand potentials online and the challenges to bring the best from “two research Worlds” together. In combing classic panels and traditional research methodology, with Big Data (he wants to call it response level data) he truly believes the we will find the Holy Grail of media research. Therefore he always will ensure that MMS is neither Linear TV centric, nor online video centric, but consumer centric in the approach towards the currencies. Privately, he is a sports and media geek, loving the present situation where he and other consumers always have an enormous volume of content to choose from.