Winradit Kolasastraseni


SVP Digital & General Manager | Dplay

Win is a global tech and digital media executive with extensive experience building and operating highly scaled, global online businesses. He is passionate about the intersection of media and technology and how that will transform entertainment, education and communities. Win is a resultsoriented leader with a strong track record of success spanning tech, corporate, telecommunications and startup environments. He is the General Manager of one of Discovery's global D2C product suite which is available in multiple major broadcast markets such as the Nordics, Italy, Spain etc. Win is responsible for the overall P&L, product & market development together with senior leadership team members across Discovery International footprint to drive digital transformation of the core business into an array of multi-facet monetization models. Win spearheads the strategic evolution of Discovery’s product and business portfolio into the nonlinear world, with the objective of (1) assisting Discovery’s market clusters build strong crossplatform audiences/communities; (2) leading the development of a robust monetisation capability in the form of industry-leading big data and analytics; and (3) to partner with Corporate Development on non-linear greenfield builds or acquisitions. To build a shared APAC innovation centre that comprises new product development, digital product incubation and big data. The company’s product migration from linear channels to include VOD services (including OTT), catch up services, social media products and mobile apps; these products can be extensions from the current networks or fully stand-alone businesses. To infuse the organisation with an insider outlook in digital and drive a strong data/metrics culture. To inspire, mentor and grow innovation-related talent across the Nordics and APAC region. Before joining Discovery in 2016, Win was the CEO of two successful media companies and as Director of Sales at Microsoft. He is a graduate of Assumption University in Bangkok and now spends his time between Bangkok and London with his wife and son.