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Disrupt the market and update your business development strategies at Nextv Series Europe & CEE !

Nextv Series Europe & CEE features panel discussions, one-on-one sessions, keynote addresses with C-level speakers to provide strategic insights into the latest TV, telecom and OTT trends to enable you to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

Key topics across Nextv Series Europe & CEE 2019 agenda:

  • Future role of STB
  • OTT for connected screens
  • Integration of external content
  • Carrier billing and advanced UX
  • What are the approaches for operators going OTT D2C?
  • What are the content strategy? 
  • How to protect access? 
  • Connected TV strategy
  • Routes to OTT: new challenges
  • Impact on content integration
  • Case study: European broadcasters going D2C OTT
  • What are the growth drivers for Free-to-air broadcasters?
  • Approach in terms of content selection, production and distribution diversification.
  • Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: What strategies?
  • Advertising and monetization strategies
  • Wholesale fiber operators covering millions of households: state of the market
  • New entrants disrupting the market with minimal CAPEX
  • Impact of FTTH on content delivery: what opportunities?
  • Insights on the specific issues related to providing sport for an OTT audience
  • Technical challenges, specific UX and the  importance of highlights
  • How to keep subscribers engaged online?
  • Newspapers are producing more and more videos, how to integrate it to the overall strategy?
  • Competing with other players in the online video space
  • Current result, trends and challengers
  • Should operators position themselves as the ultimate integrators of all linear and non linear content ? 
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • impact of this strategy on innovation
  • Customer demand evolution and bundle strategies
  • Role of fiber and fixed-mobile convergence
  • Technology and content evolution
  • New advertising offers
  • Competition with own content suppliers going OTT
  • Pay OTT monetization
  • Targeting young generations
  • State of medium sized operators
  • Low ARPU markets and other constraints
  • What are the dynamics and challenges of innovation?
  • Change in consumer content consumption habits
  • Use of advanced user experience by SVOD giants
  • How can operators meet their customer expectations with often less resources?
  • Get Insights on strategy of new players 
  • Approaches on content and format 
  • Role of social media
  • Is audience measurement measuring enough today? 
  • Integration of third party data: multi screens 
  • OTT & Gaming measurement
  • Opportunities for operators to enter the IoT/ smart home market
  • Competition or cooperation with GAFA?
  • Role of operators
  • How can a Pay TV operator create an addressable advertising offer?
  • Technical and regulatory challenges
  • What new business opportunities
  • Smart TV platforms proposals
  • How are OTT players addressing the fragmented Smart TV market?
  • Challenges and solutions
  • What are the strategies of operators in a saturating market?
  • How are operators reacting to the arrival of OTT offer?
  • Introduction of new services to increase ARPU
  • What are the key trends for the Russian and OTT expansion?
  • Mobile operators’ strategies to go into TV 
  • D2C OTT approach
  • Launch of fixed line business and mergers
  • Transformation of VOD business models
  • How to become successful: more originals, more co-productions, SVOD presence…?
  • VOD user experience & audience habits: user experience for best content discovery
  • Market evolution and challenges
  • How Turkish content is paving its way to Europe?
  • Viable OTT platform for the European diaspora


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