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Disrupt the market and update your business development strategies at Nextv Series Europe & CEE !

Nextv Series Europe & CEE features panel discussions, one-on-one sessions, keynote addresses with C-level speakers to provide strategic insights into the latest TV, telecom and OTT trends to enable you to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

Key topics across Nextv Series Europe & CEE 2020 agenda:

  • Deployment of 5G in Europe: status?
  • Overcoming the deployment challenges for 5G
  • How will 5G impact on the video and entertainment strategy?
  • What are the growth drivers for Free-to-air broadcasters?
  • Diversification options 
  • Advertising and monetization strategies
  • Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: What strategies?
  • What are the approaches for broadcasters going OTT D2C?
  • Content strategy and content protection
  • Technology challenges
  • Customer demand evolution and bundling strategies
  • Role of fiber and fixed-mobile convergence
  • Technology and content evolution
  • How has the demand for information evolved from TV magazine listing to online TV guides?
  • Video streaming search engines and user generated ratings 
  • Working together with traditional TV and pure players
  • How are operators using cloud TV to launch OTT service and second screen services?
  • Advanced content discovery and personalization
  • Return on experience
  • How can these innovations revolutionize broadcasting media?
  • What are their practical applications?
  • Opportunities for quicker, easier content creation and monetization
  • Connected TV platforms proposals: opportunities and challenges
  • How are OTT players addressing the fragmented market?
  • How to make the most of connected TV?
  • Change in consumer content consumption habits
  • Use of advanced user experience by SVOD giants
  • How can operators meet their customer expectations with often less resources?
  • How are Pay TV operators adding Voice Assistant feature to their pay TV offer?
  • What technical solutions are being used?
  • Challenges for operators, metadata suppliers and return of experience for users
  • What are the approaches of operators & TV going OTT D2C?
  • Are TV networks and Pay TV distributors now competitors? 
  • Technology challenges and content protection
  • How can a Pay TV operator create an addressable advertising offer?
  • Technical and regulatory challenges
  • What new business opportunities?
  • Role of STBs in the futures
  • TV Apps integration and challenges
  • Future of broadcast technologies
  • Current situation of AVOD in Europe
  • Opportunities for content providers to launch its platform
  • Technological challenges
  • Opportunities for right holders of TV and cinema rights going OTT D2C
  • What business model: paid or free
  • Advertising and monetization strategy
  • Using digital fingerprints for content owner
  • Dereferencing pirated content
  • Opportunities for operators to enter the IoT/ smart home market
  • Competition or cooperation with GAFA?
  • Role of operators
  • Prioritizing content discovery and personalization
  • Churn and the importance of customer retention
  • How can operators & VOD providers show all content behind each OTT app?

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