Daisy Sindelar


VP & Editor In Chief | Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | US Agency for Global Media

Daisy Sindelar oversees all operations and content-delivery strategy for RFE/RL's news production in 22 countries across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia, the South Caucasus, and parts of South Asia and the Middle East. This includes oversight of the Russian-language Current Time network, which is available worldwide on OTT and Video on Demand platforms. RFE/RL and Current Time have moved aggressively toward digital and OTT models to deliver independent journalism to regions where a free press is banned or severely restricted by local governments. The company enjoys an estimated weekly audience of 34 million and saw 2.6 billion views across social media platforms in 2018. Sindelar previously served as the Director of Current Time and Acting President of RFE/RL. She is based at RFE/RL's headquarters in Prague.