Helge Høibraaten

Helge Høibraaten – Vimond.jpeg

CEO and Co-Founder | Vimond Media Solutions

Helge Høibraaten is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vimond Media Solutions. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in online TV services having developed and launched one of the world’s first OTT services with great success, channeling a significant viewership of TV 2 to new media channels and opening a whole new revenue stream for the broadcaster. Before becoming CEO of Vimond, Helge led the team at TV 2 Norway responsible for building one of the first full-blown multi-screen services in the Nordics. With his academic background as a historian and documentary film-maker, Helge has forged a team with a broad range of talents and expertise from many disciplines – an important factor driving Vimond forward to its position as the preferred solution provider for some of the world’s most innovative media companies.