Sebastien Audoux


Head of Sport OTT | Canal+

Head of Sports at Canal OTT, the digital division of Canal+. After 15+ years in (linear) broadcasting as a host, announcer and editor in chief I joined in 2015 the digital division as the head the Sports department. In this role I handle all digital content output on social media and on our proprietary platform MyCanal. Two years ago I’ve launched our first dedicated social talk show (#LePetitDebrief) reviewing the football week live exclusively on FB, TW and Dailymotion. Since then we launched a second show called #LesPetitsPronos about Football betting. We also have web documentary series called “La Bande à bauer” focusing on a small 3rd division football team that is doing very well on Facebook with over 800K views per episode and we now in the second season following a Ligue 1 club this time, the legendary “Stade de Reims”.