Szilvia Kiss


Commercial and Product Management Chapter Lead | Magyar Telekom (Telekom Hungary)

Szilvia Kiss works as a Commercial and Product Management Chapter Lead at the Magyar Telekom Plc in Hungary and she is a PhD student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics too. Her key responsibilities and key achievements are managing and controlling all aspects of Magyar Telekom’s linear and non-linear TV products, coordinating and supervising the content and product processes and developments. Consequently, her PhD thesis is about the influencing factors of the consumer behavior it the area of telecommunications services, especially in the area of OTT and Video on Demand services. In 2009 Szilvia graduated as an Engineering Manager (MTech) and an Economist (BBA) in the same time. From 2006 she attended this two faculties simultaneously and finished with excellent results. She proceeded her studies of Finance (MBA) and later of Accounting (MBA) as well.